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Top 9 Daily Workout at Home Without Equipment

Can’t go to the gym? Perform these workouts without equipment to maintain your body.

When new cases of COVID – 19 begin to appear in the Region, many individuals are being advised to remain in self-quarantine at home. Fitness centers, gym, and other places in India remain temporarily closed.

To Support the individuals in staying at home and be physically active, Swasthum Wellness Pvt. Ltd. comes up with A workout plan which you can do while at your home with no equipment.

mettle Daily home Workout

1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is an easy total-body workout you can do anywhere. This workout is part of what is known as plyometrics. Plyometrics is a blend 

of resistance and aerobic exercise. This kind of exercise works at the same time for your back, lungs, and muscles.


  1. Begin by standing with your legs straight and your arms to your sides.
  2. Jump up and spread your feet beyond hip-width apart while bringing your arms above your head, nearly touching.
  3. Jump again, lowering your arms and bringing your legs together.
  4. Return to your starting position.

2. Squats

The Squat is a lower body exercise. You can do the bodyweight version, without added resistance (also called Bodyweight Squat or Air Squat), or with weights such as a barbell (Front Squat and Back Squat are variations of the Barbell Squat).

The Squat exercise mainly targets the thighs (quadriceps & hamstrings) and the glutes. However, core strength & stability, ankle mobility, back muscles, calves, and other factors play an important role when you are doing this exercise.

  1. Find a foot stance that feels best for you. Pointing your toes slightly outwards helps some, but keeping them parallel is fine, too. If you’re not sure what’s best, start by putting your feet shoulder-width apart and pointed about 15 degrees outwards.
  2. Tense your abs like someone is about to punch you.
  3. Look straight ahead and stand tall!

3. Push-Ups

The pushup may just be the perfect exercise that builds both upper-body and core strength. Done properly, it is a compound exercise that uses muscles in the chest, shoulders, triceps, back, abs, and even the legs.

  1. Get on the floor on all fours, positioning your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
  2. Extend your legs back so that you are balanced on your hands and toes. Keep your body in a straight line from head to toe without sagging in the middle or arching your back. You can position your feet to be close together or a bit wider depending on what is most comfortable for you.
  3. Before you begin any movement, contract your abs and tighten your core by pulling your belly button toward your spine. Keep a tight core throughout the entire pushup.
  4. Inhale as you slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.
  5. Exhale as you begin contracting your chest muscles and pushing back up through your hands to the start position. Don’t lock out the elbows; keep them slightly bent.

4. Mountain Climbers

Climbing a mountain would be a daunting workout to most, but what if the mountain is the floor? That’s the concept behind mountain climbers. Performed from a plank position, you’ll alternate bringing one knee to your chest, then back out again, speeding up each time until you’re “running” against the floor.

  1. Get into a plank position, making sure to distribute your weight evenly between your hands and your toes.
  2. Check your form—your hands should be about shoulder-width apart, back flat, abs engaged, and head in alignment.
  3. Pull your right knee into your chest as far as you can.
  4. Then switch, pulling that knee out and bringing the other knee in.
  5. Keeping your hips down, run your knees in and out as far and as fast as you can. Alternate inhaling and exhaling with each leg change.

5. Cross Crunches

The crossover crunch is a fantastic beginner ab exercise that works more than your abdominal muscles—it also targets your external obliques and internal obliques, helping you feel more “pulled in” at the waist.

  1. Lay flat on the mat with your body positioned in a straight line from the top of your head, down your spine, and into your tailbone.
  2. Place your hands behind your head, elbows out.
  3. Inhale as you cross your left leg over your right resting your left ankle your right knee.
  4. Exhale as you contract your abdominal muscles and slowly raise your upper body off the mat (similar to a basic crunch).
  5. Slowly twist your torso to your left as you squeeze your abs, bringing your right elbow to your left knee until they touch.
  6. Inhale as you slowly lower your upper body back down to the mat.

6. High Knees

High Knees are a cardio-intensive exercise performed at a fast pace. It engages your core, strengthens all the muscles in your legs, gets your heart rate up and improves momentum, coordination and flexibility. Because of the many physical benefits, high-knees are incorporated into a wide variety of workouts. They’re also relatively easy exercises to perform because they can be practiced anywhere — no gym or equipment required.

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lift up your left knee to your chest.
  2. Switch to lift your right knee to your chest. Continue the movement, alternating legs and moving at a sprinting or running pace.

7. Knee Pull Ins

Knee Pull Ins are a great ab workout that will also tone your legs.  Sit on the floor leaned back slightly, with hands planted at your sides.  Extend your legs out in front of you and pull them in.  Repeat this movement with a high tempo.

  1. Lie on an exercise mat. Bend your knees and raise your legs so that they form a 90 degree angle. Place your palms under your glutes or facing down beside you.
  2. Next, begin exercise by extending your legs out and touching the floor with your toes so that you feel a tight stretch in your lower abs.
  3. Return to the starting position, inhaling as you do so.
  4. Repeat for the number of reps in your set.

8. Chair Dips

Looking to stay fit without a gym membership or any expensive equipment? Bodyweight exercises, like chair dips, are simple, effective, and easy to incorporate into your routine. Chair dips target the muscles on the back of the upper arms. While the biceps on the front get a lot of attention, you’ll want to focus on the entire arm for the best strength and overall tone.

  1. Sit on your chair or bench with your arms at your side and your feet flat on the floor, hip-distance apart.
  2. Position your hands so that your palms are down beside your hips. Your fingers should grip the front of the chair seat.
  3. Move your torso forward off the chair with your arms extended. Your buttocks should hover over the floor and your knees should be slightly bent. Your heels should touch the floor a few inches in front of your knees.
  4. Breathe in as you slowly lower your body, hinging at the elbows until each forms a 90-degree angle.
  5. Breathe out as you push up to your starting position with your arms fully extended.

9. Leg Raise

Lying leg raises are touted as a killer abs exercise—because they are. But your hip flexors actually reap some major benefits of this move, says Epperly. So don’t be surprised if your hips feel a bit of the burn during this one.

  1. Lie on a mat on the floor, face up, legs extended. Place your hands underneath your lower back and glutes so your pelvis is supported.
  2. Begin to raise your legs toward the ceiling, pressing your thighs together and keeping the legs straight.
  3. Lift until your hips are fully flexed and you can’t go any higher with straight legs, then lower back down and repeat.

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