Mettle “ nutritional bars are anytime healthy pocket size snack from Swasthum Wellness Pvt. Ltd which is known for its healthy and nutritious products. Mettle nutritional  bars are filled with the crunchiness of granola, grain crisps along with the benefits of supernatural fruits, nuts and seeds for a better and healthy solution for your short meals and hunger pangs.


nut n seeds

We bet the idea of a quick snack must not be a healthy one for you till now.but not anymore.
NUT N SEEDS is all you need if you are looking for a healthy is absolutely going to change your perception of a healthy snack and you will tell and surprise others that your morning snack is both healthy and delicious.



Under NATURNEST, Swasthum brings you the herbal vitamin range which helps you deal the health issues with ease.
Since the ingredients are natural,you don’t need to worry about the side-effects.



Busy schedules are a daily routine for our generation.Hence,a refreshing drink is not just a need but certainly your right choice and CHRISTY IS JUST THE SAME.
The Awesomeness of this carbonated drink is indeed a bath for the inner soul.Specially in the hot weather,every sip of CHRISTY is turely a treat for the thirsty can not just stop with just one.



LIFE IS FULL OF BIG THINGS,but we should not ignore the little pleasures of life. A fun outing with friends, remembering old days & a refreshing drink are just those little things that fill your moments with optimism & happiness.And to accompany these moments,we bring you a fresh dose of fun & taste with Fruc-a-laca.Fruc-a-laca is a refreshing fizz drink,that is perfect for hot summers. It’s playfulness is enhanced with the tongue-twisting flavours of fruits that will make you fall for its lip-smacking taste.So, try this bubbly drink,& get ready to fill your body with a new sensation, a chilling one.


Endura Protein Bar by Swasthum

With its commitment and expertise in the field of nutrition for the last two decades, Medinnbelle Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has always been providing innovative formulated health supplements, as per changing needs and lifestyle.
Continuing with this, now it brings to you nutrition power-packed in a delicious Protein Bar by Swasthum.