Swasthum wellness Pvt Ltd is the name of the leading manufacturer in Delhi for Nutri Formulation, Coldrinks, Dried fruit products with unparalleled experience in formulating deliciously tasting products. Our manufacturing process ensures that we provide best-in-class products using the latest technologies and highest quality plant equipped with certified manufacturing machinery of the next generation.

We assume that a better quality of life starts with better product value. This is accomplished by ensuring that each of our production sites complies with current good manufacturing practices.

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From Product Identification to Purity Analysis, Micro-Biological Testing, and many more, each product is then passed through four quality control checks to ensure optimum quality assurance and potency.

  • Microbiological testing: This method of biological testing is the most rigorous and scrutinizing of all safety checks, checking for the slightest traces of any impurities or contaminants.
  • Material Identification: An initial, laboratory review of the material Certificate of Analysis is conducted to assess the validity of each raw ingredient.
  • Purity Analysis: Each raw ingredient identified as a driver in the product undergoes further chemical analysis to assess their levels of quality and purity.

Quality Control, and Analysis

  • Certified Manufacturing Facilities as per WHO GMP guidelines and ISO 22000:2018 FSSAI

  • Product Quality Testing carried out on by professionals on essential parameters like stability tests, micro testing, hygiene, link with internationally certified research laboratories to test sophisticated parameters.

  • Internal and external audits conducted by in-house departments and outside agencies on performance processes.

  • Continuous preparation of personnel to incorporate Quality Programs and SOPs.

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At Swasthum, we have been looking throughout the globe to find the highest quality raw materials available to create all sorts of supplement formulas — from multivitamin to sports nutrition to bodybuilding formats.
We invite our customers to provide us with a wish list of ingredients in order to help formulate a brand that is unique, marketable, and beneficial to their targeted consumers.

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  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Omega Fatty Acids

  • Amino Acids

  • Enzymes

  • Probiotics

  • Antioxidant

  • Carbohydrates

  • Herbs


We realize that the layout of labels and packages is much more than a simple decision based on aesthetics. Instead, it is an essential triple customer communication that includes a visual, tactile and information-based experience. Our professional graphic artists collaborate with you to create eye-catching design labels and logos that best suit your needs. We can help you create a logo that will highlight your brand among the other shelf supplements.


  • Bottles

  • Jars

  • Display Boxes

  • Folding Cartons

  • Single Dose Packaging

  • Multi Dose Packaging

  • Pouches

  • Shrink Wrapper Containers

  • Induction Seald jars

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things make us diffrent from others

We Are The Protein Expert

We are experts of coordinating all facets of manufacturing your vitamin product to scale. As you grow, we ensure that we are prepared to grow along with you and become best Protein Bars and Protein Supplement manufacturers in Delhi.

Premium Quality And Unbeatable Pricing

We have deep-rooted connections with suppliers, purchasing huge amounts of materials from. Allowing us to buy ingredients for low and giving you the most competitive pricing possible.

Production Capacity

  • 100 Tonnes Peanut Butter per Month.

  • 25000 Nutrition Bar per day(30gm – 60gm).

  • 150Tonne of Protein Powder formulation per month(30gm sachet – 5kg buckets).

Unshakable Commitment

Strict quality control measures are adopted and testing of the raw material is done for each and every product. These tests are conducted under the supervision of in-house qualified and seasoned pharmacists. Quality being the bedrock of all its endeavors, the company takes pride in being a GMP certified company, and an ISO 22000:2018 FSSAI certified company. These certifications are a testament to the high-quality standards that the company maintains.

Ceaseless and Inspiring

Expanding its wings steadily, Swasthum found foothold in newer markets successfully. Today its products are not just available across the length and breadth of India, but recently the company has crossed the borders.

10000+ Happy Customers

With the exotic blend of taste & health through our quality products we have reached 10000+ Happy Customers and become best Protein Bars and Protein Supplement manufacturers in Delhi.


Swasthum Wellness has defined its goal as becoming the leader in the food supplement industry in India. Marching towards this goal, several new products are being developed and launched in quick succession to fulfill the varied needs of consumers. Thus, taking us higher and closer to our goal.

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    Swasthum Wellness is one of the leading Supplement Manufacturer in India. Swasthum has introduced Nutritional Supplements like Whey Protein, Gainer, Isolate Protein, BCAA, Pre-workouts and many more for various companies from which one is Mettle. We are probably the Best Supplement Manufacturer in India as per our customers. As being the best Supplement Manufacture, we guarantee you high quality and genuine products with the best nutritional profile.