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contract manufacturing of nutritional and plant based supplements

Swasthum Wellness Pvt. Ltd. is a Nutrition, FMCG producing and Contract manufacturing company of nutritional and plant based supplements. With the experience and expertise we have, we are extremely glad to provide Contract Manufacturing services to you. As of today, Swasthum Wellness is associated with over 30 companies in this sector, facilitating comprehensively and committedly.

At Swasthum Wellness, we focus on maximizing the quality of service through elaborate R&D. The production, packaging and delivery go through finely integrated multi-faceted processes to ensure premium output. From the fundamental level of production to well-created designs, to timely delivery and custom services if need be. Our company boasts of possessing highly professional and experienced personnel who have been diligently working in the industry for years.
We are a GMP-certified company and possess the FDA certification as well. Through the years, we have incorporated a wide range of products. They include –  


Nutritional supplements are dietary supplements that are intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities; for example, vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids or other nutritional substances. In today’s age of nutritional deficiency, declining immunity and lifestyle diseases, acquiring the right amount of nutrition has become more pivotal than ever.
Nutritional Supplements provide the essential nourishment that we do not consume on a regular basis. They help in providing immunity support and maintain both physical and mental health. With our expertise, we will ensure the highest quality of Nutritional supplements to greatly help in improving the health of the people.


Plant based Supplements are compounded by specifically extracted herbs from natural sources that are extremely essential in maintaining health or treating diseases. At our manufacturing plant, the herbs go through multifarious processes from its treatment, filtration, production and developmental stages. Our plants follow a strict hygiene and sanitation regime ensuring utmost safety, timely processes and uncompromised quality.


Athletes tend to have a high demand for supplements that help expand upon the protein content in their body and reduce the amount of fat to its maximum level without disrupting their anatomy and stature of health. They prioritize on constantly refining their muscular tone and physique, consequence of which, is a regular supplement intake to enhance performance, develop muscle strength, build and augment the rate of endurance.
We have been manufacturing and distributing various kinds of Sports supplements, customarily for athletes and bodybuilders that significantly help them in enhancing their performance, sustain their immunity and assist their growth on both physical and mental level in the long term.


Proteins are complex molecules that comprise one or more long chains of amino acid residues and perform most functions in the cells. It is the most essential compound for the body to function healthily. Protein supplements are therefore vital to gym enthusiasts as well as athletes as they help in healthy weight management, muscle development and performance improvement. At Swasthum Wellness, we make various kinds of protein supplements catering to different kinds of needs, accordingly. We cautiously formulate and conceive the ingredients and processes in the manufacturing and developmental stages in order to ensure the highest quality of protein supplements.


Vitamins are essential to the human body. Vitamins are organic compounds, implying they contain carbon. Although needed in less quantity, relatively, is an essential nutrient that the body may need to get from food. Most vitamins are not produced or available in the body, hence exterior intake is the only way to ensure the supply of vitamins. They help in performing various biochemical and other essential functions in the body. They help shore up bones, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system. They also convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage.
Vitamin supplements play an important role in muscle growth and recovery. They act on a cellular level and contribute to functions like the reduction of oxidative stress, the formation of collagen, and membrane repair. They also help in increasing muscle mass and providing structural strength. We manufacture vitamin supplements in various forms – capsules, tablets and powder, as required.


Swasthum Wellness has been in the industry for years, working with several clients and providing the highest quality of services. We boast of highly experienced and qualified personnel in all departments- from the production, packaging and sales, working religiously towards the goal of making the best products in the market. Our belief is to constantly focus on the scope of improvement. In the health and wellness industry, protein manufacturing is something that is in constant demand.
More demand means more competition; and, to stand out from the rest of your competitors, all you need is a product that is rich in nutrients and also good in taste. We will manufacture products and supplements for you, and help in brand expansion and sustenance. We look forward to working committedly with you towards the same goal of providing high-quality, authentic products and services.

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