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#1 Peanut Butter Manufacturers in India

In today’s busy life, a person needs proper nutrition and protein to do his daily job. Peanuts perform such a significant role in gaining weight and increasing stamina. Peanuts are such a good source of protein, carbs, and fat. Peanut butter is a healthy and tasty way by which we can complete the protein need of our body.
There is such a massive level of variety and manufacturers of peanut butter in the market but how you find the best among them. To ensure the quality of the best Peanut butter you have to do some research and spend time on it.
Swasthum based at Delhi is a prominent face in manufacturing health products in India. It also manufactures peanut butter and we are proud to announce that Swasthum is #1 Peanut butter Manufacturer in India.

Market view of Peanut Butter in India

At the time of freedom(1947), there is a big protest about foreigners and foreign products.Growth rate of peanut butter users in india But, now in this modern erapeople attracting towards foreign products. The Peanut Butter Market in India assessed to become forcefully because of expanding requests from all the regions of India. The Indian Peanut Butter Market sees 14.2% of CAGR from 2019 to 2025. Nowadays, Indian people are more focused on their health and they only want healthy products to eat and it is the primary reason for increasing the need for peanut butter in the Indian market. 

Equipment used in manufacturing Peanut Butter

Our main motive is to provide the best quality products to our customers which satisfy the need of the consumers. We only use Hitech and A1 grade machinery in manufacturing the products.  Cooling transports, programmed framing machine, coding machine, and all that else is taken the best consideration of while manufacturing Peanut Butter. We utilize well-fitted funneling and fittings to guarantee immaculateness. Cycles which we follow to give remarkable outcomes:

Microbiological Testing: This organic observing methodology is the most exhaustive and examining of all wellbeing tests. This is accomplished for searching for the littlest indications of any contaminations or poisons.

Material Identification: To hold the nature of every crude fixing, an underlying, just as research facility survey of the material Certificate of Analysis, is done.

Immaculateness Analysis: Each crude fixing recognized as a driver in the item goes through extra synthetic investigation to survey it’s quality and virtue levels.

peanut butter raw material

Material used in Peanut Butter

To provide the best quality products to our customers, we are using the highest rank raw materials which give the proper amount of carbs and proteins to the body. We always use fresh peanuts for manufacturing the peanut butter. We invite our clients to furnish us with a list of things to get of fixings to help build up a particular, attractive, and gainful brand for their focused purchasers. On the other hand, we are using raw materials like groundnutsalt, sugar, emulsifier, antioxidants. 

Why we are No.1 Manufacturers of Peanut Butter in India

Peanut Butter expert

Being the best and utilizing all the elite methods, we guarantee you the best peanut butter. Alongside your development, we additionally make our development quicker to convey inside time and inside the best quality. This helps in making us the best Peanut  Butter Manufacturer in India.

Effective Price and Excellent Products

With the guarantee of remarkable and excellent quality among all, we will in general offer the best cost in the market. We never bargain quality to decrease the expense. That is the reason with the best serious cost for your quality remains the best as it needs to be. All the endeavors and client’s criticisms make us the best peanut butter producers in India.

24*7 Customer Support

We ensure that you get the best out of your manufacturing process by keeping constant contact with you and providing a full 24*7 support from our team. We tend to fill the whole communication gap between us and will give you the complete report of your manufacturing process.

More than 9000+ Happy Customers

With the great taste, variety of flavors, and amazing pricing, we’re at the benchmark of 9,000+ Happy customers and also a step ahead at being the #1 Peanut Butter Manufacturers in India.

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