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5 Major problems due to Lack of Sleep

If it’s a prevalent characteristic in your lives to sleep less than 6 hours a day, you need to read this article now. Lack of sleep can have more effects on your body than you can imagine. Let’s discuss 5 major problems due to lack of sleep.

1. The pain of Weight Gain

You invite obesity if you are deprived of sleep. It’s said that you tend to feel hungry and eat more when your body gets less sleep. This is due to hormonal imbalance. The hormone that stimulates our hunger (ghrelin) rises, while the chemical that helps to keep our appetite in check (leptin) decreases.

2. Risk of Diabetes

Keeping an eye on your diet and your workout will prevent diabetes. But did you understand that the capacity of your body to process glucose in your bloodstream is hindered when you doze less. Thus, it makes you more susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

3. Skip Sleep Skip A Beat

In the long term, your chances of having heart disease can rise by two times when you doze less than 6 hours per day. This is because it changes your heart rate and raises your blood pressure as your body is not relaxed. As elevated BP or hypertension is the number one cause of heart problems, you should refrain from not sleeping well.

4. Less Immunity, More Infections

“Your immune system, while you are asleep, produces proteins called cytokines.” According to Dr. A. K. Singh, Uppal, Hyderabad, these cytokines are needed to create antibodies that assist avoid diseases such as common cold. These components also assist speed up your disease recovery. But if you sleep deprived, this implies lower cytokine concentrations. You are therefore more likely to get sick.

5. Less Sleep Less Sperms

Deprivation of drowse decreases your libido, but it can also lead to infertility as per research. This is more prevalent among males. If you are not getting a nice night’s sleep for at least 6 hours, the likelihood of a low sperm count are more probable.

Hence getting the right amount of sleep is important for anyone as nothing is more important than your health.

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